Titan FX and the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation join forces on a global stage

As part of the company’s continued efforts to give back to the Vanuatu community, Titan FX has recently become a key major sponsor for the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation – with specific support for the efforts of the national team. A charitable and sport-driven association, VVF is well-known for its mission to support local athletes and globally promote the country of Vanuatu through volleyball.

With the upcoming Samoa 2019 Pacific Games and other international competitions looming, Titan FX and the Vanuatu Beach Volleyball team are getting ready to compete on a global stage – with a special focus on the Women’s team as they continue to build their international ranking status.

Sharing Titan’s goals for the development of Vanuatu’s local communities, the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation is an excellent partnership. As the competitions begin, Titan and VVF are on the way towards exciting tournaments and anticipated victory for Vanuatu.

Titan’s premier sponsorship with the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation

The Vanuatu Volleyball Federation is the country’s governing body for volleyball. It was established more than 20 years ago as a non-profit organisation which caters for local communities all the way through to elite performance with the promotion of physical activity through sport for a healthy lifestyle. While supporting both disciplines of the sport, the format of beach volleyball has been the key focus since 2008 and the higher profile aspect of the Federation both in competition, player development and in the community programs it regularly delivers. Supported with funding through Vanuatu’s Olympic Committee (VASANOC), sponsorships and in-kind donations, VVF continues to grow and develop at an elite sporting level as well as at a community development level.

With Titan FX as a major partner in this development of volleyball, VVF can continue to provide more opportunities and exposure for Vanuatu’s current and future athletes.

Joining forces with VVF, Titan FX has entered into a sponsorship deal which will give key support to beach volleyball – with a specific, initial focus on the Women’s team. Volleyball is one of the country’s most popular sports for women. Aside from men’s soccer and cricket, Vanuatu carries a lot of pride for the ongoing achievements of its women’s beach volleyball athletes on the international stage over the past 10 years – achievements to which they keep adding.

In addition to the team’s sporting victories, the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation is also keen on using its female athletes as strong role models to advocate for gender empowerment while inspiring a healthier way of life. This is a great message to share with young women who not only love volleyball but also with those who want to make a difference in the regional communities of Vanuatu.

What to expect

There are plenty of activities and tournaments to look forward to. Through the collaboration with VVF, Titan FX and the National Beach Volleyball teams are now gearing up for several upcoming international competitions and events. With the busy schedule of the volleyball team, Titan FX is making sure all the objectives of the sponsorship are met.

Heading off to the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games

The Samoa 2019 Pacific Games is the kick-off tournament for the Titan FX and VVF sponsorship. The entire event will take place from July 7-20. Over the course of two weeks, Samoa will host 27 sporting disciplines with over 5000 athletes and officials participating from 24 Pacific regional countries. This is a great opportunity for Vanuatu to demonstrate the sportsmanship and skill in performance for which it is known. Being a world-class sporting event, Titan FX and VVF aim to successfully promote the Vanuatu Beach Volleyball teams, especially the Women who are ranked number one in their competition.

Winning the gold!

On July 12 at the Apia Waterfront, Team Vanuatu won the Women’s Beach Volleyball final! After five days of exciting competition, Vanuatu’s Miller Pata and Sherysyn Toko claimed the Pacific Games gold medal, defeating Team Tahiti in straight sets – dominating the first and withstanding a strong challenge in the second. This victory represents one of 6 gold medals Vanuatu has won so far.

With the crowd’s positive energy and thrilling volleyball action, it will be a tournament to remember, especially for Pata, who has revealed that would be her last Pacific Games as she heads into a focused campaign towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics before stepping away from the sport completely.

With the Pacific Games Beach Volleyball competition coming to a close, Team Vanuatu is now heading to Tokyo, Japan for its next FIVB Volleyball World Tour event.

Putting Vanuatu on the map

“We think that one of the best ways to promote Vanuatu is to support professional athletes who carry the Vanuatu flag in global tournaments while overcoming numerous challenges. For everyone in the world seeing these success stories will help put Vanuatu on the map, which will help build trust for international businesses based here.” – Audrius Bernotas, Managing Director of Titan FX

As Titan FX continues to support local organizations and communities, the company takes another step forward to fulfilling its goals of promoting the country of Vanuatu. Through the recent sponsorship of the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation, Titan FX is able to lend a hand in advocating Vanuatu at an international level. With the upcoming international beach volleyball competitions – especially for the women’s team – Titan FX hopes to further build a global presence for Vanuatu.

Expect more to come from the Titan FX team! With the company’s vision to help in the growth and development of the Vanuatu communities, Titan FX is looking forward to more collaborations this year.

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