Globally Distributed Infrastructure In Support Of Your Trading

Our globally distributed infrastructure is not just robust, but has been designed from the outset to be antifragile.

At any point we can respond quickly to emerging global economic, political and regulatory frameworks taking advantage of cross-border opportunities as they present themselves, and react instantly to any adverse conditions.

Titan FX Network Technology and Infrastructure map

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Port Vila, Vanuatu

Regulated Brokerage

Securities Issuer
Compliance Department

Titan FX retail brokerage is based in Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu. Vanuatu has been an established hub for financial services in the Asia / Pacific region for nearly 30 years.

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Auckland, New Zealand

Liquidity Provider

Liquidity Management
Counterparty Relationship Management
Institutional Brokerage

Titan FX Liquidity operations are based in Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand is a full member of the OECD, FATF and World Trade Organisation.

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Dallas, United States

Support Office

24 Hour Client Support

Dallas is a major city in the US state of Texas with a rapidly growing financial sector. According to Forbes, Dallas is one of the southern US cities challenging New York for financial supremacy.

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New York, United States

Equinix NY4 ECN Bridge

ECN Bridge
Trading Servers

Titan FX ECN is housed in the Equinix NY4 datacentre, renowned for low-latency transactions. The Titan FX ECN is part of the 30,000m2 Equinix Financial Trading Hub, integral with the infrastructure of the major financial exchanges – brokerages, investment banks, hedge funds and firms specialising in high-frequency trading (HFT).

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Boston, United States

Platform Development

Secure Client Cabinet
New Technologies Development

In recent years Boston, MA has emerged as the epicentre of forex technology development. Titan FX has engaged a team of specialists based in Boston to continuously develop our Secure Client Cabinet, as well as push forward the frontiers of forex trading technology, keeping clients connected on new platforms such as mobile, glass and watch.

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Mumbai, India

Economic Analysis Datacentre

Currency Market Analysis
Market Sentiment Reporting

Titan FX economic analysis takes place in Mumbai, financial capital of India. Mumbai is home to financial institutions such as the RBI, the BSE, the NSE of India, the SEBI and the corporate headquarters of numerous Indian companies and multinational corporations.
Also here in Mumbai market analysis is prepared for our Active Traders (contact us to see if you qualify).

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London, England

Financial Technology Hub

Financial Advisors

The City of London has a long history as a financial hub. Titan FX advisors are at the centre of Europe’s financial heartland with their finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and trends.