Best Eye Care Tips for Perfect Trading

Maintaining optimal eye sight is mandatory in a forex trading lifestyle

Eye care is vital in a forex trading career. Because of time spent in front of the computer screen, most traders face the challenge of having good eye health.  Sooner or later, hours of trading, web research and analyzing charts can affect vision and trading performance. By applying effective eye care tips, any trader can maintain optimal eye sight.

Common symptoms to determine your current eye health:

  • Dry or watery eyes that cause discomfort during trading
  • Blurred vision that affects efficiency while reading numbers
  • Trouble in focusing especially when looking from one screen to another
  • Unusual sensitivity to sudden change of light or brightness
  • Frequent stinging or itching feeling while trading
  • Muscle strain in the shoulders, neck or back
  • Tension headache or migraine after working long hours on the computer

Being on the computer for lengthy periods of time is a major cause for eye stress. This is the reason why eye care has become one of the top priorities for a forex trader’s health. Conditions like digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome are one of the most recurring problems. Over time, these problems caused by eye fatigue can lead to low productivity and compromised efficiency in a forex trading career.

Disadvantages of having poor eye health:

  1. Constant muscle strain lowers activity and overall performance
  2. Difficulty in concentration which affects quality of output
  3. Low productivity and efficiency delays tasks for the day
  4. Increased chances of mistakes from misreadings
  5. Possible added expense from correcting poor eye health
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Best eye care tips:

According to the National Eye Institute, you must always practice proper eye care and protection in the workplace. To avoid or minimize eye strain, here are the best eye care tips for perfect trading:

Have regular check ups with your optometrist

Don’t: Skip regular check ups and wait for eye problems to worsen

Do: See your optometrist and have routine eye exams as needed

Visiting your optometrist is the best advice for all forex traders especially those who work full time. With most of the work done online, forex traders must take extra care of their vision and take annual eye exams. Eye doctors can determine your eye health and diagnose any conditions earlier on. To be safe, make sure to schedule annual visits to your eye doctor to avoid any possible eye problems.

Optimize your computer settings

Don’t: Set your display incautiously

Do: Adjust your computer settings properly to lessen eye strain

The business of forex trading comes with constant use of computers and other devices. This constant exposure requires traders to manage eye health for optimal performance. Here are simple tips to implement proper computer settings:

  • Increase and adjust text size to avoid squinting or looking closer at the screen
  • Use high contrast color settings on text. For example, black text with white background is best
  • Match your computer’s brightness with the current brightness of your environment
  • Switch to high resolution LCD monitors instead of CRT
  • Use the F.Lux app to automatically set the right color temperature for easy adjustments during day or night time

Practice the 20-20-20 rule

Don’t: Go for long hours without giving your eyes a break from the screen

Do: Make a habit out of the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eye stress

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What is the 20-20-20 rule?

Aside from blinking often, this method has shown to be helpful in minimizing the intensity of eye use when working. As frequent computer users, forex traders can make use of the 20-20-20 habit to lessen eyestrain. To learn more about the 20-20-20 rule, check out Tool Box Talks.

Create an eye-friendly desk space

Don’t: Arrange a trading station suppresses proper reading and lighting

Do: Organize your office to improve vision while working

Forex traders do business on a desk or a trading station. To ensure good eye health at all times, protect your eyesight with an eye-friendly physical workspace. Here are ways you can enhance your desk for perfect vision during trading:

  1. Your eyes should be leveled with the top of the monitors
  2. Eyes should be 20-30 inches away from the screen
  3. Minimize glare coming into your office or current workspace
  4. Invest in stands for printed material to avoid strain from eye shifting
  5. Use anti-static solution to wipe electrostatic particles and minimize irritation

Prioritize time to de-stress

Don’t: Spend most of your time working and over stressing

Do: Spend more time to de-stress, rest the eyes and relax for better wellbeing

Studies show that strained eyes is also caused by stress. Seasoned traders attest that the forex trading business can be stressful. To avoid becoming too stressed, do activities that help you unwind and make sure this won’t have anything to do with using your android or computer. By allowing yourself time to relax and refresh, you are not only resting your eyes but also improving overall well being.

Avoid digital screens as often as possible

Don’t: Always use your iphone, ipad or laptops on days off

Do: Enjoy and indulge in times when you do not need to use a digital screen

These days, some of leisure time also involves spending time on the computer or on an android. To give your eyes time to rest, try to avoid facing a screen when it doesn’t involve work. Start today and try these tips to lessen your exposure to the screen:

  • Reduce your time looking at social media
  • If commuting, take the time to close your eyes or enjoy the scenery instead of playing games on the iphone
  • Make calls instead of text messaging
  • Talk to your co-workers during breaks instead of going online
  • Spend a free night with friends and family instead of watching television

Reach the adequate hours of sleep

Don’t: Take hours of sleep for granted

Do: Be aware and maintain the right amount of sleep

Sleep is important for good health and overall trading performance. Clocking in adequate hours of rest improves energy and focus while avoiding symptoms like dry eye or eye twitching. Being sleep-deprived will not only affect your energy for trading but also disrupt your vision. For better vision, a good night’s rest is one of the best tools to stay productive throughout the day  throughout the day. If you work during odd hours, make sure to schedule the right amount of sleep to avoid eye discomfort.

Properly use and care for any prescribed eye wear

Don’t: Misuse or avoid wearing contacts or glasses

Do: Take care and make use of the prescribed eyewear as needed

Current eye conditions cannot be helped. But according to VSP, 80% of vision problems worldwide are avoidable and even curable. When in a forex trading career, it is more necessary to visit your optometrist or ophthalmologist to discuss your prescribed eyewear. Take note of correct usage and maintenance to prevent further harm. Here are the best practices of eyewear usage:

  • Maintain proper eyewear hygiene
  • Take annual eye exams to ensure proper grade for glasses or contacts
  • If prescribed, use your eyewear as needed
  • Refrain from sleeping in contact lenses
  • Make sure eye drops or solutions have not reached expiry date

Include proper nutrition for better eye care

Don’t: Include junk food to add to your meal

Do: Plan meals with nutrients that aid in better eye health

Proper diet can contribute to eye health. Because of certain vitamins and nutrients, there are food that benefit eyesight. These include Vitamins C and E, zinc or omega-3 fatty acids. According to Best Health Mag, these are eye boosting foods you can incorporate to your meals:

  1. Dark green leafy veggies like kale or collard greens
  2. Bright orange fruits and vegetables like carrots or pumpkins
  3. Fatty fish like salmon or mackerel
  4. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli
  5. Wheat germ, almonds or sunflower seeds
  6. Different beans like chickpeas or lentils

Get extra help!

The use of android apps or websites can also be advantageous especially for busy forex traders. When working, it is common to get fully focused on accomplishing tasks. More often than not, we end up forgetting to take a break or do the 20-20-20 exercise. This is where apps or websites can be of great help for forex traders who tend to overlook eye relief while working.


App for PC users


Best feature: Reminds you to take either a short or long break with the option of a strict mode. Short breaks are composed of eye exercises while the screen is dimmed. For longer breaks, the screen is blocked for a certain time.


Web based software


Best feature: Allows you to customize your breaks. Gives you an option for the 20-20-20 or other modes that works best for your workflow. This software is easy to use and straightforward as a reminder tool without being too intrusive.



Program for Windows or Linux


Best feature: Provides highly modifiable breaks throughout the day. You can configure time between breaks, break duration, postpone time and even number of prompt time. The program also comes with eye exercises you can do while on your break.


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Healthy vision should not be taken for granted. With a lifestyle revolving around modern technology, extended hours in front of a screen will eventually affect eye health and trading performance. With consistent and proper eye care, current eye health can be improved and harmful effects can be avoided.

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