Easy and effective ways to increase alertness when forex trading

To succeed in the forex market, apply easy and effective methods to increase alertness and achieve optimal focus when trading. Enhancing mental alertness is one of the top ways to have an engaging and active trading session. When dealing with trading analysis and execution, alertness can greatly increase focus and attention to detail. To create long term efficiency, increasing alertness can also help decrease both physical and mental fatigue. For a productive and profitable trading session, take advantage of simple ways to boost alertness and optimal focus.

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Why is alertness important?

Alertness is a state of high mental and physical consciousness or awareness of both environment and action. Throughout any activity, alertness describes a level of vigilance that keeps the mind sharp and prepared for any scenario. Being alert also reflects one’s readiness to take action especially during critical or vital trading sessions.

Becoming a successful trader requires preparation, diligence and focus at all times. With an active forex market, being alert is key to grasping opportunities as well as pointing out possible risks. Get to know the importance of physical and mental alertness when trading forex:

  1. Boosting alertness can greatly increase productivity levels.
  2. Being more alert is an effective method to achieve constant high quality output.
  3. Mental and physical preparedness lessens the feeling of anxiety or hesitation.
  4. Alertness can initiate traders to immediately take action especially during difficult trading situations.
  5. Practicing alertness encourages excellent focus and a state of “flow”.

Fast and easy ways to stay sharp

To achieve a productive trading environment, develop a focused mindset by boosting alertness. Being more alert when trading is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity and deliver valuable output. When practicing alertness, traders can instantly take action and perform the activities needed for success. When in the middle of a trading session, there are many things you can do to immediately boost alertness. Here are fast and simple ways you can quickly achieve alertness when trading:

Simply take a quick break!

One of the best ways to instantly increase alertness is to take a break. During long hours of trading, it is highly effective to give yourself breaks in between trading tasks. No matter how simple these activities may be, periodic breaks can give both body and mind an opportunity to restart and regain focus.

Taking breaks are also great tools for restored productivity especially when you begin to feel too stressed or exhausted from tedious hours of work. Along with planning an effective schedule for trading tasks, be sure to schedule some time for quick breaks. Here are the top benefits of stepping away from the desk from time to time:

  • Restores mental energy and alertness
  • Improves decision making
  • Lessens stress and exhaustion
  • Gives the brain a chance to restart and recharge
  • Provides more stamina and focus to gain new ideas
  • Strengthens physical and mental awareness

Turn up the music

“In a forex trading environment, music can immediately affect productivity and frame of mind. Like picking a forex trading strategy, music is a personal preference that should be tried and tested for efficiency.” – Where to Find the Best Forex Trading Music

Take advantage of the power of music for alertness. Over the years, plenty of research has been dedicated to music and how it affects overall focus. Theories similar to the “Mozart Effect” show that music can help enhance concentration, productivity and learning abilities.

In a forex trading environment, it is important to understand that concentration during analysis is key to successful trades. Because of this, be sure to use music to boost focus and not as a source of distraction. First, check your preference and test which type of genre is most effective in increasing your personal energy and focus. Does listening to Mozart actually help you increase focus? Does your current playlist elevate your mood or does it distract you?

Repeated stretching

Being a web-based career, most of the work is done on the computer. Because of the sedentary nature of the job, physical stress is a common concern for forex traders. To minimize stress on the body and maintain alertness, practice stretching. An effective and easy way to minimize body strains is to lessen or alleviate any tension through stretching.

When taking breaks, traders can do stretches to boost alertness. Repeated stretching is an excellent method of relieving any physical exhaustion. In fact, experts at Shape.com say that stretching can improve overall productivity and workflow. Stretching not only increases alertness during a long session but also boosts energy before trading.

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Alertness boost through sight

Much of mental focus involves the senses. Out of the 5 senses, sight can provide an instant and stress-free boost of alertness especially after hours in front of the screen. Here are the most effective activities you can try to increase alertness through sight or visual perception:

  1. Let the light in. Natural sunlight has been observed to be a desirable aspect of working spaces. Eco-business shares that exposure to daylight benefits learning, performance and wellbeing.
  2. Quick change of scenery. Whether you step outside or take a look out the window, a quick change of view can revitalize the mind for alertness. Seeing natural colors or stepping into a new environment can be refreshing during a prolonged trading session.
  3. Apply the 20-20-20. With plenty of work done online, traders may face digital eye strain. For strain-free trading, traders need to apply the 20-20-20 rule for eye strain prevention. Take a look at the Best Eye Care Tips for Perfect Trading.

Reach for the right snack or drinks

Nutrition is vital for mental and physical alertness. In a challenging career like trading, it is crucial to maintain optimal health. Through proper nutrition and smart snacking, traders can improve concentration and alertness. To instantly increase alertness, get to know the best choices for snacks or beverages when trading:

  • Water for constant hydration and optimal mental agility all day
  • Foods rich in antioxidants for improved memory and focus
  • Snacks rich in protein for brain function
  • Teas like green tea or peppermint also for increased brain function
  • Nutrient-rich fruits or veggies for a more natural sugar boost
  • Fiber-rich snacks like avocado, bran or flax seeds to keep hunger pangs at bay
  • Citrus foods for an instant increase in alertness through scent

Power napping

For those that need an extra boost of energy and alertness, try power napping. Doing a power nap is one of the effective ways to reboot in the middle of a busy day. It is a helpful method to quickly rest and recharge especially if you were not able to get a good night’s sleep. Aside from adding a few minutes of rest, power napping can also help reduce fatigue and stress.

To make the most out of a midday nap, be careful not to oversleep. The most important thing to remember is to keep to a 20 minute maximum limit. Otherwise, you may feel more tired and go into a “deep-sleep” mode.

Wake up with aromatherapy

If you find yourself having low energy, perk yourself up with energizing aromas. Another effective way to naturally boost alertness is through scent. Over the years, many studies have concluded the effects of smells or aromatherapy for both relaxation and stimulation. For mental alertness, aromatherapy can immediately influence emotions, mood and awareness.

During lengthy hours of trading, forex traders can greatly benefit from the natural reaction towards scent. For a quick and natural boost of alertness, you can try different types of aromas. Minty oils like peppermint or eucalyptus are perfect to use in diffusers. You may also use citrus scents like lemon or grapefruit.

Top long-term activities for increased alertness

Readiness to take on any challenge can determine the efficiency of a forex trading career. With the demanding activities of trading, it is important to nurture habits that naturally increase alertness. Whether you are still going through forex education or working on the profit of your trading strategy, alertness can greatly help in trading success.

Developing alertness is one of the best ways to fully engage and navigate the forex market. For long-term focus and physical or mental agility, here are beneficial activities you can practice to boost alertness:

  1. With the odd hours of trading, always aim for restful sleep.
  2. Being constantly exposed to news, charts and other information, watch out for Uncanny Symptoms of Information Overload.
  3. Maintain a physical routine for both physical endurance and mental strength.
  4. Being a highly analytical career, prepare mental workouts to keep the brain sharp. Mark Sisson suggests games and puzzles to keep the mind alert.
  5. As a sedentary job, prepare yourself with desk exercises especially if you expect to trade long hours.
  6. To prevent body pains from desk work, do not hesitate to also invest in ergonomic tools as well as an ergonomic friendly desk set up.
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Increase alertness and boost results

Alertness can drive excellent output, performance and skill mastery. In a lively forex market, being alert can make all the difference in the quality of trades and performance levels. It is an excellent mindset that will increase focus and diligence in all trading tasks. For long term success, alertness is also key to optimal learning and development of trading skills.

Alertness describes a cognizant state of mind that is highly engaged and ready to take on any activity or challenge. To maintain and enhance overall awareness, it is important to be mindful of your energy levels and brain function. In the long run, managing focus and alertness can also prepare forex traders to face difficult scenarios.

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