Scientifically proven ways to lessen stress for optimal trading

For optimal trading, learn the scientifically proven activities that lessen stress. To strengthen productivity and minimize tension, it is important to evaluate and manage your stress levels. In an active trading environment, feelings of anxiety or pressure come naturally to new or expert traders. In the long run, these emotions can disrupt productivity and distract a trader during vital trading tasks. The best way to ensure focused trading is to take control and apply effective ways to manage stress. To reach your target goals, get to know the scientifically proven methods to lessen stress and increase efficiency.

About stress

Stress is a reaction to internal and external influences. As the body’s natural response, Stress Management Society shares that stress releases hormones and triggers blood flow towards the muscles needed to go into “fight or flight” mode. This rush of energy can either inspire productivity or interrupt positivity when trading. Here are some important facts about stress and its effects:

  • Continued unmanaged stress can eventually cause negative effects towards body and mind.
  • Applying unhealthy methods to deal with stress can actually worsen or weaken stress response.
  • Stress can hinder development especially in regards to mental growth.
  • Daily occurrences like commuting, personal relationships or money management are studied as the few of the top triggers of stress.
  • Prolonged and constant feelings of stress can cause disrupting physical conditions like body pains or high blood pressure.
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Scientifically proven ways to reduce stress levels

When trading forex, the risks and rewards involved can bring about feelings of stress. If managed properly, stress can encourage forex traders to apply a more proactive mindset in response to any stressful scenario. To overcome the negative responses of stressful situations, it is important to prepare an action plan and maintain a focused way of thinking.

It is well-known that stress is part of the forex trading journey. What separates successful traders from those who struggle is the response towards these stressful situations. Here are scientifically backed-up ways to lessen stress and boost quality output:


Meditation is gaining more popularity in maintaining healthy mental wellbeing. In this day and age of advanced technology and fast digital data, the concept of meditation is becoming a daily habit for those who need to deal with stress.

The scientific benefits of meditation have been studied by plenty of enthusiasts. Neuroscientist of Yoga and Meditation and Harvard PHD, Sara Lazar has done extensive research on the long term effects of meditation in the brain. In her studies, brain scans of long term meditators show more gray matter in areas that affect mindfulness and working memory. This means that those who habitually meditate have heightened senses. Hundreds of studies also conclude how meditation boosts concentration, performance and health. In fact, successful business moguls like Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn and American investor Raymond Dalio give credit to daily meditation for their success.

Reading and writing

The feeling of stress is ultimately driven by unrealistic or unmanaged expectations. According to Martina McGowan, stress comes from the physical, mental and emotional demands placed upon the body. Despite being a natural response, stress becomes disruptive when these demands are not met.

The act of reading and writing have proven to be helpful in forming the right objective and outlook of someone dealing with stress. Aside from being a relaxing pastime, reading and writing can also greatly affect thought process. When experiencing stressful scenarios, the brain analyses the situation and creates a point of view. Studies conclude that those who note down their emotions or conclusions after stressful situation are able to face it better in the future.

When reading or writing in regards to strategy and trades, a forex trader can improve analytical thinking while managing expectations. Activities like expanded reading on forex education or keeping a trading journal are highly beneficial to improve performance and optimize stress management.


Mindful nutrition has plenty to do with keeping stress at bay. In fact, studies show that nutrients contribute to having a healthy cognitive system and overall brain function. The relationship between food and brain have long been proven through the examination of those who practice mindful eating and those who don’t. If you regularly consume healthy and beneficial foods, you can set yourself up for better performance and concentration. This can ultimately impact overall mood, improve blood sugar levels and strengthen immune system needed to achieve focused trading.

To help fight stress, traders must practice healthy and set up a balanced nutrition plan. To help your body fight off stress, here are some of the top nutrients that can be beneficial to busy traders:

  • B vitamins found in foods like banana or turkey
  • Omega 3 for a natural mood boost and for overall brain health
  • Magnesium found in healthy greens and leafy vegetables
  • Vitamin D that aids in immunity which helps traders fight anxiety
  • Zinc from pumpkin seeds or meat to help treat depression

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises may seem like an ordinary method to apply for better stress management. When in fact, breathing techniques have been used as a form of meditation in ancient practices like yoga and tai chi. Lung exercises are also applied in other physical activities like aerobics, water workouts or stretching. Aside from this, breathing programs are also beneficial to those with lung conditions.

Proper breathing can improve natural energy and mental alertness as well as blood oxygen levels. According to Better Health, shallow breathing or hyperventilation can actually worsen the physical symptoms of stress. In a fast paced trading environment, deep breathing exercises can greatly help to instantly promote relaxation. Whether you apply breathing techniques immediately during stressful scenarios or after a long day of work, proper breathing can help with stress relief.

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Physical activity

Having an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to manage stress in a forex trading career. In today’s fast exchange of data, the awareness of physical wellness is inspiring plenty of people to choose a healthier lifestyle. With the sedentary nature of forex trading, being physically fit is an important aspect of fighting stress.

Being more active can encourage the body to better handle stressful situations. It can also help in achieving optimal focus while reducing body aches caused by hours spent on the desk. According to Brain Flux, here are facts showing benefits of physical activity for stress relief:

  1. Exercise releases neurochemicals into the brain for better cognitive functions and alertness.
  2. These neurochemicals like endorphins increases pain tolerance which strengthens mental grit.
  3. Feel good chemicals from working out also boosts mood and self-confidence
  4. Studies show that those who exercise regularly lead happier lives and are able to better manage stress.
  5. Participating in physical activities can provide emotional resilience.

Digital Detox

Researchers have seen an increase in stress levels caused by exposure to the digital world. Within a week, recent figures show that the average adult could spend at least 20 hours online or on their digital devices. Since forex trading is a web-based profession, this figure could increase. Normal day to day activities like checking emails or looking at social media all add up to the amount of time a trader could spend online.

Studies also show that digital stress can be overwhelming to most workers. Issues like information overload and eye strain are crucial problems that could affect quality of work and output when trading. This will eventually affect the way traders manage stress. Because of this, it is important to go offline and take a break from digital devices. Doing non-digital activities will help soothe body and mind and can provide a sense of relief. To apply digital detox for wellness and stress management, take a look at The Ultimate Guideline for Achieving Digital Detox.

Sleep management

With the odd hours of forex trading, sleep management is one of the most effective ways to lessen stress. Having a good night’s sleep can affect physical or mental performance and emotional wellbeing. It improves memory power, immune system and heart function. To lessen the negative effects of stress, clocking in more hours of rest will also boost your ability to respond to any stressful trading scenario.

In an exciting market, traders may find themselves logging in too much hours for trading and having lesser time to sleep. Because of this, it is important to remember that lack of sleep can produce high levels of stress hormones. To ensure efficiency, learn the Best Practices for Better Sleep to ensure productive and active trading.

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Find what works for you

If not managed properly, chronic stress can affect decision making, focus and overall productivity. Whether this is stress from trading or from personal worries, stress can greatly influence state of mind and output. To become a successful trader, it is important to learn How to Fight Anxiety in a Forex Trading Career. Whether you apply simple ways like listening to music, having a sip of tea or apply meditation as part of your daily routine, all efforts to lessen stress will surely benefit trading performance.

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