Simple Strategies to Initiate a Positive New Year

Begin a positive new year with the help of simple strategies and effective optimism

Concentrating on goals and personal growth for your forex trading career is a great way to start a profitable and positive new year. With the holidays coming to an end, it is one of the best times to reflect on the past year and plan the next 12 months ahead. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in trading, setting yearly goals and optimizing strategies will surely pave the way to more progress.

Benefits of planning a positive new year:

  1. Increases healthy motivation
  2. Boosts performance and trading skills
  3. Guides time management for the year
  4. Builds more appreciation for success
  5. Develops confidence and clarity of mind

According to
Success Consciousness, you can achieve success and happiness through a positive attitude. It enhances constructive and creative thinking for a more effective and goal-driven state of mind.

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Easiest ways to bring out positivity in every forex trader:

Think about better health

Forex traders are aware that the nature of the business gives greater health risks. With unusual times and inevitable stress, being a forex trader should inspire better health. Research shows that getting rid of stress and practicing positive thinking can improve health by building stronger immune system. Every time you have negative feelings, think about the better health benefits of seeing situations in another light.

Connect with family and friends

Having a positive mindset for the year ahead has much to do with gratitude from having family and friends around. For most people, the inspiration to do well in life comes from being able to provide or spend time with loved ones. If you experience pessimism towards your current trading career, let the thought of family and friends bring you back to a more inspired mindset for better performance.

Get help and quantify with Happify!

For a more systematic approach to positivity, get help from useful apps. Happify is a scientifically designed positivity app which evolved from 10 years of research and studies. The app uses games and activities to track and measure your own happiness. It is able to train you to be able to handle stress and think more positively. They also have a daily inspiration page called Happify Daily with posts about different topics like inner peace, building skills, natural compassion and many more.

Simple strategies for a positive new year:

With a more optimistic mindset, you can easily plan both personal and forex trading goals. Before finalizing your resolutions and affirmations, here are simple strategies to begin a positive new year:

Review previous resolutions and prioritize next year’s goals

Goal: To continue success from the previous year and reflect on how to attain greater success for the year ahead

The best way to start a positive new year is to pick up where you left off and not to start from scratch. The goal here is to improve and to grow from the year before. Think about what you’ve accomplished so far and do not look back on any of the difficulties. Which goals or resolutions were successful? Which of them were the most meaningful to you or to your career?

From there, concentrate on a better achievement for the new year. Make sure to prioritize these goals into your schedule. This will help you determine your efforts and time management.

Find your opportunities

Goal: To review successful trades and study those that didn’t work to consistently optimize and refine your trading strategy

Now is the time to think about all your losses this year and study them as an optimist. Being a forex trader involves having experience in losing trades. Instead of taking it the negative way, find opportunities and see where you can improve. Learn from the mistakes and plan strategies towards more profit and valuable trades. Having this type of mindset will not only minimize losses but will also make you a better skilled trader.

Do not set aside your slip-ups but rather, take advantage of the experience. Analyze your steps and find ways for optimization for a more productive and positive new year.

Inspire growth with positive language

Goal: To build a positive personal mantra especially during forex trading setbacks

Speaking more positively is a very simple way to take note of all your goals for the year as well as for daily optimism. By doing this, any forex trader can build and inspire growth out of any situation especially during the start of a new year.

When you are creating your affirmations for the new year, use more optimistic phrases like:

  • “This is a good challenge.” instead of “This is too difficult.”
  • “I need to find time.” instead of “I am too busy.”
  • “I have to do more budgeting.” instead of “I cannot afford this.”
  • “There is an opportunity here.” instead of “I can’t come out of this situation.”
  • “I need more practice.” instead of “I am not good enough.”

Small changes in the way you speak about your goals for forex trading can make big changes in the results. To practice positive thinking, here are 100 Positive-Thinking Exercises to try.

Plan incentives for yourself

Goal: To plan specific rewards and incentives to help maintain a goal oriented working environment

The biggest advantage of having an incentive plan for yourself is motivation. This encourages inspiration and drive before and after the accomplishment of a goal. Incentives are usually given in companies to stimulate and provoke employees to do their best. As a forex trader, you can create your own incentive.

First, think about what kind of reward you would like to give for yourself or your family once you’ve reached your goal. Remember to prioritize your trading goals in terms of value. From there, plan your incentives and how you can best achieve them. This type of positive reinforcement is great practice for self motivation and inspiration to work harder.

Follow through and practice

Goal: To find personal ways to carry out positive thinking throughout the year

Find an approach on how to commit to a goal oriented and positive new year. To encourage and practice positive thoughts in forex trading, take a look at the 3 P’s of optimism you can apply:


When a streak of bad trades happen, it is a not permanent incidence. An optimist believes that negative situations are only temporary with opportunities to recover. They also believe that when good trades happen, it is permanent and reflects on optimized systems.


A pessimistic trader may see one losing trade as a weak trading strategy all together. When an optimistic trader encounters a loss, they don’t feel incapable. Optimistic traders also celebrate successful trades and let it encourage them in their career or life.


Forex traders usually deal with events that are beyond control and optimistic traders fully accept this. A positive mindset will take no blame on these kinds of situations. From there, optimistic traders can confidently take on the challenge as well as internalize the positive results.

Start your positive new year!

As a new year starts, every forex trader can take the opportunity to optimize systems and initiate more optimistic thinking for both personal and career goals. By examining last year’s events more positively, you can implement better moves and acquire more effective trading skills. Doing this will equip any forex trader with the right attitude and results in more profit for the year ahead.

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