Top Rated Productivity Apps for Forex Traders

A successful trading career is right at your fingertips with the use of productivity apps

Transform your android or computer into a forex trading tool with productivity apps. Efficient and beneficial, these great apps are designed to prompt and improve hours of work. They are designed to be convenient and highly effective in order to achieve optimal productivity.

According to Tamara Myles from her book The Secret to Peak Productivity, peak productivity can be achieved by focusing on different high value tasks to enable your career to move forward. These may be through small day to day tasks or big projects.

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With the help of productivity apps, any forex trader can accomplish goals that give more profit and improve performance. Before picking the correct productivity app for your career goal, first think about your current workload. Start skimming down to only urgent and important tasks that provide the most rewards for your forex trading strategy.

Start with a productive to-do list

To ensure peak productivity, here are the best ways to prioritize current tasks into a productive to-do list:

Make several lists to get an overall schedule of your workload within the day or the year. Lists should be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly or even a career goals list

  1. Keep your lists at a minimum and see where you can delegate the less critical tasks. See if you have a certain job or errand that you can assign to someone else.
  2. Place value on each task. This is the most effective way to ensure great productivity for your career goals list.
  3. Prioritize these high value tasks. It may be actual trading or enhancing of a skill for your performance. For example, if your strength is analyzing charts, set up a time to practice this skill.
  4. Make things as simple as possible to improve focus especially for your weekly or daily to do list. Creating a straightforward task list is a good way to consistently be productive.
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To successfully achieve profitable tasks and increase productivity, here are the best ways to be productive along with top rated apps:

Keep your to do lists in check!

One of the most effective ways to be productive in a forex trading career is to keep track of your tasks. With an active 24/7 market, it is easy to forget a few things on your to do list. For most traders, these are personal errands or practicing a certain trading skill. No matter how simple an errand or a work task may be, accomplishing jobs that are important to you or your career is a vital part of being productive.

Having an app can be a very useful tool especially for daily tasks. If you are not fond of the pen and paper method, taking advantage of task managing apps will increase personal productivity.



  • Rating on 8.1/10
  • Wunderlist is one of the best productivity apps for task-management, especially if you don’t need every feature under the sun and are hoping to keep your costs to nil.” – PC Mag
  • For Windows 8, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad, Web, Apple Watch, Windows Phone, Windows 7, Chromebook
  • Price: Free/$4.99 per month/ $49.99 per year

Best features:

  1. Provides easy installation together with a clean interface
  2. Works great for personal and work task lists with customizable folders
  3. Allows you to set deadlines and reminders for every task through notifications and alarms
  4. Enables a group task setting where you can assign tasks to friends or colleagues
  5. Syncs to other platforms for instant access including web

Other apps to try: Evernote, Habitica or Conqu

Establish an effective schedule

As a forex trader, it is imperative to set up a trading schedule. Whether you work during odd hours or not, establishing an effective schedule will not only increase productivity but also improve time management. If you have a full time job and only trade part time, creating a work calendar will do wonders to weekly and monthly errands.

Taking on daily tasks is not enough to be fully productive. For a productive trading routine, you will need an app that lets you oversee and update your trading activity at a glance. You will need the best app on the go.

Business Calendar

Business Calendar

  • Rating on Google: 4.4/5
  • “Our favorite calendar app on Android, due to its flexibility and ease of use.” – Lifehacker
  • For Android
  • Price: Free/$4.99 for pro

Best features:

  1. Quick zoom for both multi-day and day views with pop-ups for tasks of the day
  2. Customizable templates or themes for personalization
  3. Recurrent events setting for scheduling your trading hours
  4. Syncs contacts to tasks as well as events like birthdays
  5. Smooth interface for easy scrolling and fast viewing

Other great apps to try: Google Calendar, Cal or Upto

Remind yourself to take breaks

Productivity doesn’t always mean working more hours. It is about producing great results and enhancing your trading career from the time spent working. Keep in mind that taking on too much can actually decrease productivity and affect the quality of output. With the nature of a forex trading job, taking a break is also a great health booster which stops you from sitting long hours on a desk.

When you feel stressed between tasks, give yourself a break to recharge and refresh your working mindset. In these cases, the use of a reliable app is beneficial as a reminder especially if you are overworked while trading.

Stand Up! The Work Break Timer


  • Rating on iTunes: 4/5
  • “This app really does what it says it will do and gets me to stand up! I love that it has a visual record of how I’m doing for the day.”Customer review
  • For  iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Price: Free

Best features:

  1. Simple and unintrusive nature of the app allows flexibility for breaks
  2. Adjusts and limits break reminders according to your work schedule
  3. Intervals are customizable between five minutes to two hours
  4. Offers custom alert tones as well as colors
  5. Provides a heading for updates on your next alert and how you are doing for the day

Other great apps to try: Big Stretch Reminder, Workrave or PC WorkBreak

Increase positivity to increase productivity

The fuel that drives successful productivity is positive thinking. Without positivity and a balanced well being, everyday tasks will be difficult to achieve especially when there are struggles. Looking back on How to Double Productivity and Take Control of Your Life, becoming task-saturated and stressed can affect output. Instead of pessimism during rough trades, a forex trader should feel a sense of balance and inner motivation to increase productivity.

With positive thinking, all tasks can be done well to optimize a forex trading career. One of the best ways to encourage daily positivity is through the benefit of apps that improve moods and encourage optimism.

Mindbloom Life Game


  • Developer rating on iTunes: 4/5
  • “We created a game that focuses on your entire life. It’s about discovering your core motivations and taking personal steps to transform your life.” – Mindbloom
  • For web browsers as well as Android and iPhone devices
  • Price: Free

Best features:

  1. Innovative concept of the game puts you into a different mindset
  2. Great for those who enjoy social gaming and sharing thoughts
  3. Puts together behavioral studies and unique gaming style
  4. Combines rich media and motivation that subconsciously improves mental health
  5. Provides mental well being for either health, relationships, lifestyle, finances, career or even creativity.

Other great apps to try: Secret of Happiness, iStress or Positive Thinking

Don’t undervalue the little things!

With a fast paced lifestyle, forex traders can sometimes look away from small responsibilities. For most people, time consuming goals are often given more priority than smaller tasks. In a forex trading career, simple jobs like improving a skill or backing up the computer can be overlooked. Don’t forget that these mini-tasks can sum up to a profitable career.

Smaller tasks are important but they can also take up your time. To be able to achieve productivity, you must also manage these simple tasks. Thanks to technology, there are plenty of creative apps that cater to the little things.



For Android or iOS

Price: Free

Sleek with great compatibility, Pocket is a bookmarking app that is beneficial for forex traders who find plenty of information online. You may find insightful articles, useful forums, video or even images that you might like to save for later. Whether from browsers or apps, Pocket is able to compile and save your selected resources. It also recommends links that you might be interested in. By doing this, you are increasing learning productivity as well as boosting overall forex trading knowledge.



For iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Price: Free

Productivity has much to do with energy efforts. With the strange hours of trading, energy management may be as important as time management. Fun and easy to use, Juice is a great tool that tracks and improves energy while you tackle your daily schedule. Through playful interactions, this app tracks activities like energy levels, sleep, exercise, stress or nutrition. Based on your personal assessment, you can also view weekly reports and get tips from experts on areas for improvement.



For Android or iOS

Price: Assorted subscription and pricing options for users

Whether you are new or an expert, forex traders need to concentrate during trading hours. Phone calls or text messages can be difficult to pay attention to. Listen is the perfect app to answer your phone when you are focused with work. It allows you to select pre-programmed voice messages to play to your callers as well as plays music ringback tunes of your choice. This automated app comes in handy for undisturbed productivity.

Other great apps to try: Workflow, Vesper or News360

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Increased productivity is an essential tool that can drive your career level to higher efficiency and better output. As a forex trader, improving your own productivity adds great value to your trading performance. Whether for personal errands or for work, the best way to get things done is to be smart about productivity. Through the modern research and development of apps, you have both effective and personalized help to enhance productivity.

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