Our Policy: Banking Information and Funds Security

Titan FX has strict policies in place to protect retail and institutional client funds. All client funds are held separately from company operational funds, and are never used by the company for operational purposes.

Client funds are held only with reputable, top tier banks.

Account Segregation Policy

Client funds are held separately from company operational funds in Client Segregated Trust Accounts. Client funds held in trust are never used by the company for operational purposes.

Titan FX maintains Client Segregated Trust Accounts for each currency that clients trading accounts are based in. Account segregation of this type clearly distinguishes client funds from company operational funds giving Titan FX clients additional security and protection when compared to other brokers.

A daily reconciliation is performed to determine the settlement obligation between Titan FX and clients. Titan FX either pays to or withdraws money from the Client Segregated Trust Accounts to settle the obligation. The balance of Titan FX segregated client funds includes client’s unrealised profits (total client equity).

Banking Partners

Not all banks are equal. The security of your funds held in trust depends on the strength of the banks selected by your broker.

Titan FX partners only with reputable, top tier banks in highly regulated jurisdictions such as National Australia Bank (NAB).

The National Australia Bank is Australia’s leading custodian with over $600 billion in assets held under administration. National Australia Bank Limited has provided custody and related services to domestic and international investors for over 50 years. Clients include superannuation funds, investment managers, insurance companies, global custodians and government instrumentalities.

NAB is an AA- rated bank that is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

National Australia Bank