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We’ve rounded up all the essential bits of tech no trader should be without, from the best gadgets for trading on-the-go to office essentials and must-have Forex indicators. Read on and get your trading kit sorted…

The Office Kit

thumb-1So let’s start off with all the essentials you need for day to day trading, whether that’s from an office, your living room or wherever else you like to work. Our trading office must-haves are:

  • Plenty of rolls of Magic Whiteboard for brainstorming ideas and strategies.
  • Smart TV for keeping up-to-date with news channels and social media updates, and watching trading videos (check out our LFX Youtube channel here).
  • Nespresso Machine, because no good trading day starts without a good cup of coffee.
  • And of course, a good monitor (or two, or three, or – well, we’ll leave it up to you).

For the lowdown on all of the above (and more office tech including desk organisers and cup warmers to keep your coffee warm while you’re distracted by the charts) check out our guide to the Best Office Equipment and Gadgets.

The On-The-Go Trading Essentials

screen-shot-2015-05-06-at-11-33-07-300x244So your trading office is all kitted out and ready to go. But sometimes, you just can’t make it to the office for your trading day. Get hold of these bits of tech and you’ll be able to trade from coffee shops, hotels and even trains in rush hour, no sweat. (Okay, we may have been exaggerating about the train. Can anyone concentrate on a packed train?)

  • A good tablet, a smartphone, the latest trading apps and a mobile internet hotspot (because losing WiFi signal while waiting to close out your stop losses is a disaster waiting to happen).

Check out The LFX Guide to: Mobile Trading Gadgets  and Best Tech and Apps for Traders in 2015 for our top picks of all of the above.

The Travel Gadgets

screen-shot-2015-05-06-at-11-48-38We’ve sorted out all the tech you need for trading on-the-go – but if you travel a lot (for work or for fun) it’s worth investing in these cool travel gadgets to make your trips easier and less stressful (and leave you with more time to trade). Here are our must-haves…

  • Everything you need to stay connected wherever you are – make sure you have a portable memory drive and a travel router in your travel kit.
  • Portable chargers – we love the AMPL Smart Bag, a rucksack designed to charge up, connect and protect all your gadgets while you’re travelling. It’ll even let you know if you leave it behind.
  • Luggage – it you love the AMPL Smart Bag, take it a step further and pack a Trunkster: a  smart suitcase with a built-in scale, charger, sliding door that’s much easier to get in and out of than a zip, and even GPS.

For all the travelling gadgets and tech you need to make your travels stress-free, check out our round-up of the Coolest Travel Gadgets for Traders.

The Must-Have Forex Indicators

Okay, now you’ve got pretty much all the tech you could ever need for trading. But if you’re not using the right indicators, you’re still not going to be successful. That’s where our Top Four Must-Have Forex Indicators come in…

Check them out and download here.

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