Titan FX Precious Metals Trading: Leverage of Up to 500:1

Precious metals are a traditional store of wealth

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium all have intrinsic value due to their use in medical, electronics, jewelry and other applications. This intrinsic value attracts many investors to precious metals in both spot and futures markets.

Precious metals trading

Compared to fiat currencies, precious metals are able to retain value especially for long term investments. Precious metals cannot be devalued by quantitative easing (printing money). Many investors consider precious metals a safe haven investment, especially in modern times of stressed fractional reserve banking.

The value of precious metals is not determined by one single economy, rather by supply and demand. Supply of precious metals is determined by the amount mined or made available from reserves. Demand rises and falls according to consumption by industries and the amount required by reserve holders.

Precious metals have been capitalized for all industries as a lucrative and dependable financial resource. In any market condition, the demand for these metals can be a reliable asset amidst sudden economic shifts. Unlike devaluing currencies or stocks, precious metal offers constant value and less credit risks in all economic upheavals.

The world’s financial history has shown that precious metal always keeps its intrinsic value. By trading Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium, you can conveniently invest in sought-after commodities you can rely on during any market climate.

Why trade Precious Metals with Titan FX?

  • 500:1 Leverage500:1 Leverage
  • 0.01 lots to 50 lots0.01 lots to 50 lots
  • No contract expiryNo contract expiry
  • No need to physically store metalsNo need to physically store metals

Titan FX offers access to spot metal contracts for the world’s most popular precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. You can find these contracts conveniently located in your trading platform alongside other currency pairs. Titan FX’s deep liquidity means that metals can be traded with razor thin spreads and at the leverage you want – Titan FX provides leverage of up to 500:1 and can accommodate your orders from 0.01 lots through to 50 lots with ease.

Titan spot-metal contracts are designed with the trader’s convenience in mind, with no contract expiry concern, so you can hold your trades as long as you require. Whether you are new to commodities trading or looking to upgrade to the Titan advantage, Titan FX offers the solution you need.

Metals Trading Hours
GoldXAU/USD01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
00:00 - 22:59
(Friday Close 22:55)
XAG/USD01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
00:00 - 22:59
(Friday Close 22:55)
Gold (Euro)XAU/EUR01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
00:00 - 22:59
(Friday Close 22:55)
Silver (Euro)
XAG/EUR01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
00:00 - 22:59
(Friday Close 22:55)
PlatinumXPT/USD01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
00:00 - 22:59
(Friday Close 22:55)
XPD/USD01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
00:00 - 22:59
(Friday Close 22:55)
Metals Spreads
MetalsStandard/ Islamic
Account Average
BLADE Account
Gold vs Euro
2.39 pips2.27 pips
Gold vs US Dollar
2.23 pips2.11 pips
Silver vs Euro
2.73 pips2.61 pips
Silver vs US Dollar
2.13 pips2.01 pips
Palladium vs US Dollar
30.12 pips30 pips
Platinum vs US Dollar
30.12 pips30 pips

Gold (XAU), silver (XAG), platinum (XPT) and palladium (XPD) are continuously being traded around the globe. Join the business of invaluable assets and learn to trade precious metals.

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