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Gold is one of the world’s most beloved and attractive commodities. From ancient civilizations to modern times, gold has captivated cultures worldwide. The obsession with gold continues today and can clearly be seen in investment markets.

Durable, ductile and malleable, gold is a treasured asset in many industries, as well as investment portfolios. Gold’s scarcity, unique chemical properties and sought-after allure makes it one of the highest valued precious metals and a popular investment.



The ISO currency symbol for gold is XAU


The chemical symbol for gold is Au

Why trade gold with Titan FX?

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Trading Gold with Titan FX

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Gold has been highly recognised as the world’s universal symbol of security and wealth. Before the use of paper currency and fiat money, the buying and selling of Gold was practiced as one of the first methods to facilitate trade. Along with silver, gold was widely used as a stable and accepted form of currency in most civilisations. Following the barter system, trading Gold allowed merchants to easily do fair business and transactions. In every flourishing culture, the quest for gold also resulted in conquering of lands and global expeditions. The appeal of gold has been carried forward into modern times.

The Value of gold

Throughout its history, gold has always been a prized commodity. It has been used in industries like jewellery, electronics, aerospace and coinage. Because of its unique properties and intrinsic value, gold has deemed itself to be mankind’s most significant and attractive bullion metal.

During times of inflation or other financial uncertainty, gold acts as stores of value. As a highly reputable medium of exchange, it has retained its worth as the prominent precious metal for trading. Gold’s attractive nature, limited supply and useful characteristics exhibit its innate financial value amidst the global market. Gold’s prized features include:

  • High malleability
  • Brilliant luster
  • Can be melted and casted
  • Conducts electricity
  • Resistant to tarnish

With the devaluation and volatility of paper currencies, gold today is more valuable in both business and investments alike.

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