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Oftentimes called White Gold and Little Silver, platinum is a rare metal that is best known for its use in expensive jewellery, but also has value in medical and other industries.

Platinum is one of the world’s most scarce and highly valued metals. Widely known as the unmeltable metal, its natural characteristics have become influential in world history. Prized for its durability and catalytic properties, Platinum is an important metal in many businesses. Its one-of-a-kind traits and exclusive appeal gives this precious metal exceptional financial worth.



The ISO currency symbol for platinum is XPT


The chemical symbol for platinum is Pt

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Trading platinum with Titan FX

Learn about platinum


Like gold and silver, the early use of platinum dates back to hundreds of years ago. In its initial years of discovery, platinum was not recognized as a precious metal, but as a nuisance by-product during the mining of gold and silver. But after further studies and reports, the revelation of platinum’s unique properties began to spread across growing civilizations. Unlike gold, platinum’s natural qualities showed that it would not corrode with other chemicals nor melt. Since this valuable breakthrough, platinum was acknowledged as a precious metal.

Platinum is one of the world’s least reactive metals. Together with palladium, it is one of the inactive elements in the group called noble metals. Its chemical inactivity has allowed important advancements in history like medical equipment and other vital manufacturing processes.

The Value of platinum

With its assorted uses and rarity, the buying and selling of platinum is worth the investment even during economic crisis. With the demand of Platinum in the market, why is it considered a such a special metal?

  • Remarkably high melting point
  • High malleability and ductility compared to gold
  • Doesn’t rust or tarnish
  • Catalytic and adaptable properties
  • Market supply and mining production is much lesser than gold

Aside from its popular uses in jewellery, platinum has benefited the field of medicine for pacemakers, dental equipment and other tools that require a non-corrosive metal. Its natural qualities enable its application as catalytic converters. Because platinum can tolerate high temperature, it can aid in oxidation that reduces toxicity in emissions in automobile exhaust systems. Platinum has also been used as a valued catalyst in oil production, and manufacturing of many everyday objects.

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