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Silver is the second most well known precious metal after gold. Silver’s notoriety as a precious metal is due to its use in money, being the precious metal used in coins from early Greek drachma to the recent Liberty silver dollar.

Silver is a precious metal that has greatly contributed to present-day achievements. From ancient times to modern developments, silver has proven to be a prominent and exceptionally useful precious metal. Through its beneficial qualities, silver shows resilience through its supply and demand, as well as versatility and affordability in the market.



The ISO currency symbol for silver is XAG


The chemical symbol for silver is Ag

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World history proves that silver is one of the most indispensable commodities in the market. As commerce grew in early centuries, the trade of both silver and gold became a rising demand to simplify and mobilize trades. Because gold was used for high-priced business deals, silver was perfect for smaller transactions. Used for the buying and selling of lesser monetary worth, the mining of silver had to increase. New discoveries and technological advancements in mining soon expanded the supply of silver to accommodate growing empires.

The wide use of silver is evident in nearly all ancient cultures. Since the start of usage, progressive nations have participated in its mining. Today, the global production of silver reflects its versatility and growing value.

The Value of silver

Oftentimes, Silver is considered to be more precious than Gold. Because of its incomparable contributions in society, Silver is an enduring commodity. Its top-notch characteristics have paved the way for advancements in medicine, solar energy, biology and electronics. Silver has aided in accomplishments including:

  • Used in construction like metal pipe joints and building reflectors
  • Antibiotic properties used in medicine and healthcare
  • Used in radiology as well as prosthesis
  • Production of solar panels and cells
  • Water purification to remote areas

With its uses in both monetary and industrial enterprises, silver is a significant metal to invest in. Just like gold, silver is a precious metal that is deeply treasured by the global market.

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