Trade at Titan FX connecting with Social and Signal Tradings

Social Trading and Signal Trading allow you to follow or copy the trading activity of others directly into your Titan FX trading account. Copy the ‘signal’ provided by successful traders using features built in to the Titan FX trading platform!

Social and Signal Trading

Zulutrade – Social Trading

Social Trading is a recent development only made available since the creation of fast information networks. Online financial investors can use feeds of information and automated analysis to inform their investment decisions. Use indicators provided by others to supplement and balance your own trading or build a portfolio purely from signals and feeds.

Social Trading websites such as ZuluTrade provide an open peer-to-peer platform to connect traders of all styles and skill levels. ZuluTrade gives you access to thousands of experienced traders from 192 different countries, and empowers you with the tools to analyse their LIVE trading history. You can connect with traders who publish their feeds on the ZuluTrade platform, and learn about the strategy they use.

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Signal Trading

Signal Trading is similar to Social Trading but without the ‘personal’ element. Trading systems are provided, tested and rated by the platform provider and a ‘signal’ feed provided that you can copy directly into your Titan FX MT4.

Metrics such as Net P&L, Net Profit, number of trades and age of signal are provided for each trading system, and you can select one or more trading system signals to copy into your account based on your requirements.

Many forex signal providers can be found in the ‘Signals’ tab of your MT4 terminal. Be sure to research in detail before selecting a signal to follow.

Social and Signal Trading can be a great ‘set and forget’ strategy, a complement to your own trading, or a good introduction to forex for new traders