MT4 for Mac

Now you can get the benefits of trading with the MetaTrader 4 platform on your Mac. MetaQuotes MetaTrader 4 is the industry standard trading platform with the most active developer community creating expert advisors and trading tools to help you maximise your trading potential.

Titan FX has contracted a specialist development team to ‘port’ MT4 for use on Mac. You can now install the Titan FX MT4 platform on your Apple device with exactly the same functionality as Windows, and with full access to the vast range of expert advisors, indicators, libraries and utilities that have been developed by the MT4 community.


Currencies Accepted

Industry Standard

MetaQuotes MT4 is the most prevalent trading platform for trading forex. Other trading platforms cannot compare with the rich feature set and flexibility of MT4.

Currencies Accepted

No Emulators Required

Prior to MT4 for Mac, users were required to install software to be able to run MT4. Now the installation of MT4 on your Mac is as simple as any other app.

Currencies Accepted

Popular Expert Advisors

The MT4 community has developed a wide range of Expert Advisors (EAs or Trading Robots) that allow for automated trading. MT4 for Mac allows you to benefit from EAs that are unavailable for any other platform.

Currencies Accepted

Access MQL4

MetaQuotes powerful yet simple programming language, MQL4, is now available to Mac users through MT4 for Mac. With basic coding skills you can create your own EAs, indicators and tools.

Installing MT4 for Mac
Follow these simple steps to install MT4 on MacOS

  1. Download the MT4 for Mac application – note that this is a large file of approximately 744 MB
  2. Once downloaded, double click the file to open
  3. A window will appear
  4. In the window, drag the file across to the application directory
  5. Installation is now complete
  6. Close the window
  7. You may now delete the TitanFX.dmg file
Installing Additional Tools and EAs
MT4 for Mac enables you to utilise the wide range of tools and EAs that have been developed for MT4 on your Mac.

  1. Locate the TitanFX application in the ‘applications’ folder
  2. Right-click (CTRL-click) on the application
  3. Select ‘Show Package Contents’
  4. Double-click on ‘drive_c’ to enter the PC-like folder structure
  5. The figure below shows the location of the MQL4 folder