Pick among some of the world’s best forex traders and instantly convert their advice into live trades. 

Zulutrade is an open peer-to-peer social trading platform where you can choose to copy the trades of others directly into your Titan FX trading account.



The Zulutrade performance table ranks traders according to a proprietary performance algorithm which considers many performance and risk factors as well as more subjective signals from the Zulutrade community. In addition, ZuluRank suggests a minimum account equity required to follow the trader’s signal. ZuluRank is designed to provide an easy way to find traders to follow that suit you as an individual investor.


Your ZuluTrade account has built-in risk monitoring features which observe the actions of the traders you are following and can cut in to protect your investment. ZuluGuard monitors your account according to parameters you set related to your own risk tolerance and exposure profile. ZuluGuard can also be configured to send you notifications when certain conditions are met, and even to automatically take profit!

Account Simulation

ZuluTrade provides powerful modelling and prediction tools that allow you to quickly and easily calculate potential profit and loss of following traders in different market circumstances. Prove your strategy before taking your account live!

Customisation and Control

When you trade with ZuluTrade you retain full control of your account. Customisation allows you to configure lot sizes, set stops and limits, and, importantly, gives you the ability to edit or close any position in your account.

Advantages of trading with ZuluTrade

  • No monthly fee. There is no monthly fee or charge for accessing the ZuluTrade platform
  • Access experienced currency traders. Choose signals from thousands of experienced currency traders in 192 different countries
  • Remove emotion from trading. Emotion in trading has been shown to have a negative impact, both on your balance and also on your peace of mind! Following the trades of others can reduce this impact
  • Manage your risk. Your ZuluTrade comes with advanced risk management tools built in. You can configure these tools according to your risk tolerance
  • Ease of use. Getting set up with ZuluTrade is quick and easy. ZuluTrade is available in many languages, and configuring your account is simple.
  • No VPS or software required. Unlike Expert Advisors and other automated trading strategies there is no need to invest in a VPS or keep your computer running 24/7. ZuluTrade connects directly to your Titan FX trading account on our MT4 server.

To use Zulu Trade, you’ll need to open a dedicated account. If you are already with us, you can open an additional Zulu Trade account from Client Cabinet.

How to open an additional account for Zulu Trade

From ‘Open additional trading account’, please select MT4 platform type, Standard for account type, USD or JPY for base currency. Select ‘Yes’ for EA and type in ‘Zulu’ for name of EA. When a new account is opened, please fill out this contract form and send it to our back office [email protected].

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