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What we do

Besides currencies, our customers use our platforms to trade a variety of instruments such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, precious metals and corporate stocks. Or more precisely they trade contracts for difference (CFDs), a way of making short term trades without actually holding the underlying assets. We receive a very small commission for each CFD bought or sold. In 2021, we averaged 5000 customers placing 100,000 orders every single day on our main platform.

We’re in it to win it

We offer traders worldwide access to the MetaTrader platforms with a back-end solution called Zero Point Technology that lets them place orders within milliseconds, as fast as any big trading platform in London or Singapore. That plus Vanuatu’s regulatory environment which allows highly leveraged trades makes us very competitive compared with other jurisdictions. It’s a niche market with almost unlimited potential and we’re well-positioned to flourish in it. See titanfx.com for more.

Global reach, local presence

Most of our business functions are managed from Vanuatu, with about 20 people at our head office in Port Vila and 1 colleague working in Maewo. They include managers, marketers, IT experts, accountants, legal professionals, compliance officers – all the people you need to run a global trading platform. Most of us are born and raised Ni-Vanuatu; a few positions are held by foreign workers with very specialized skills. We’re like a local family that does business all around the world!

Why Vanuatu?

Because there’s no better place on earth for our business! We have redundant high-speed connectivity via submarine cable and satellite and a regulatory environment that’s business friendly. Rock-solid institutions like the Reserve Bank, the Financial Services Commission and the Financial Intelligence Unit keep a watchful eye on financial criminals, making sure they don’t ruin everything we worked so hard for. (See more on regulation here) Most of all, Ni-Vanuatu have a talent for business, place a high value on trust, and are incredibly resilient in the face of adversity. They’re the best partners anywhere!

What we value

We are endlessly grateful to the society that is so good to us. The most important way we feel we can give back is by breaking new ground in fintech here, doing our part to establish a thriving industry, hiring experts both locally and from abroad to make this business work and, most of all, setting up pathways for career success that are open to Ni-Vanuatu of today and of tomorrow. We’re consciously and actively working to open the door to opportunity and we’re happily engaged doing so!

Virtually no limits

Not only do we want to share our success with the community, but we want other players to set up shop in Vanuatu and grow our industry into a global fintech cluster. Once on the map, highly mobile companies in a host of other sectors will see the possibilities and advantages of Vanuatu. Unlike agri-business or tourism, there is no limit to the possibilities for businesses working in the Cloud. We see fintech as that first critical stepping stone.

Introducing our regulator

Titan FX is licensed as a financial dealer by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), with oversight from the Financial Investigation Unit and the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu.

Our group affiliations

Titan FX is a proud member of the Financial Centre Association of Vanuatu (FCA), a not-for-profit body established in 1993 to represent and promote the nation’s financial industry and its participants. The FCA seeks to ensure that its members work with honesty, integrity and diligence to attract domestic and international investors and help Vanuatu grow as a leading Pacific Island economy and a global financial hub.

Founded in 2020, the Financial Markets Association of Vanuatu (FMA Vanuatu) is a self-regulating body for VFSC-licensed dealers trading financial instruments and securities online. The association works to further its members’ professional standards for the benefit of all market participants. Titan FX was the very first member and driving force behind the establishment of this important association for our industry.