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Nick Goold

Understanding the balance between bears (sellers) and bulls (buyers) is crucial for successful trading in financial markets. The Bears and Bulls Power Indicator is a technical analysis tool designed to gauge the power and momentum of these opposing forces in the market. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator, including its calculation, usage, and advantages and disadvantages for traders.

Calculation of the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator

The Bears and Bulls Power Indicator is calculated using the following steps:

Calculate the average price: (High + Low) / 2
Bears Power = Low - EMA(13)
Bulls Power = High - EMA(13)

The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) with a period of 13 is used to smooth out the calculations. The Bears Power represents the selling pressure, while the Bulls Power represents the buying pressure in the market.

Usage of the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator

The Bears and Bulls Power Indicator can be utilized in various ways to aid in trading decisions. Here are some typical applications:

Identifying trend reversals

The Bears and Bulls Power Indicator can signal potential trend reversals. When the Bears Power crosses below the zero line, it suggests that bears are gaining strength and the market sentiment might be turning bearish. Conversely, when the Bulls Power crosses above the zero line, it indicates bullish momentum, potentially signaling a shift from a bearish to a bullish trend.

Confirming trend strength

Traders can use the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator to confirm the strength of an existing trend. If the Bears Power is increasing while the price is declining, it indicates a strong bearish trend. Conversely, if the Bulls Power is rising while the price increases, it suggests a robust bullish trend. This confirmation can assist traders in making informed decisions about entering or exiting trades.

Divergence analysis

Divergences between the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator and price can provide valuable insights into potential trend reversals. A bullish divergence occurs when the price forms lower lows while the Bulls Power forms higher lows, indicating weakening selling pressure. Similarly, a bearish divergence occurs when the price forms higher highs while the Bears Power forms lower highs, suggesting diminishing buying pressure. Traders can use these divergences to anticipate potential changes in the market direction.

Advantages of the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator

The Bears and Bulls Power Indicator offers several advantages for traders:

Clear trend signals

The indicator provides straightforward signals for identifying trend reversals and confirming trend strength, making it relatively easy to interpret for traders of all experience levels.

Inclusion of buying and selling pressure

By separately analyzing the buying and selling pressure, the indicator offers a comprehensive view of the market sentiment, allowing traders to gauge the dominance of bears or bulls.

Divergence analysis

The Bears and Bulls Power Indicator's ability to detect divergences between price and momentum can be a powerful tool for identifying potential trend reversals, providing traders with early signals to adjust their positions accordingly.

Disadvantages of the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator

While the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator has its merits, it also has a few limitations:

Lagging indicator

Like many other technical indicators, the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator relies on past price data. Consequently, it may produce signals with some delay, potentially causing traders to miss out on the earliest stages of a trend.

False signals

As with any technical indicator, false signals can occur. Traders need to use the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator with other tools, such as trend lines, support, and resistance levels, or additional indicators, to validate trading decisions.


The interpretation of the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator may vary among traders. Based on this indicator, different traders may have varying thresholds for identifying trend reversals or confirming trend strength, leading to potential inconsistencies in trading strategies.

In conclusion, the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator is a valuable tool for traders to assess the buying and selling pressure in the Forex market. By calculating and analyzing the Bears and Bulls Power, traders can gain insights into potential trend reversals, confirm trend strength, and identify divergences between price and momentum. The indicator offers advantages such as clear trend signals, including buying and selling pressure and divergence analysis. However, traders should also consider its limitations, including lagging signals, potential false signals, and subjectivity in interpretation. Using the Bears and Bulls Power Indicator in conjunction with other analysis techniques and risk management strategies is recommended to enhance trading decisions and maximize profitability in the Forex market.