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Titan FX offers CFD trading on major cryptocurrency pairs enabling our clients to trade crypto without owning the underlying asset. There’s no requirement for a crypto wallet, a Bitcoin exchange, or to transact on the blockchain. Trade crypto using your Titan FX account.

Some of the top market cap cryptocurrencies are available to trade in seconds with our ZeroPoint technology, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar.

100:1 leverage, low spreads and no commission

100:1 leverage, low spreads and no commission

No need to own or hold cryptocurrency

No need to own or hold cryptocurrency

Crypto trading available on MT4 and MT4

Crypto trading available on MT4 and MT5

Crypto trading on MT4 and MT5

Take advantage of cryptocurrency volatility with 100:1 leverage.

Start trading today from as little as 0.01 units.

Trade Crypto with Titan FX

Trade cryptocurrencies in the most liquid and simple way yet with institutional trading conditions through our industry-leading software, MetaTrader (MT4 and MT5), professional Client Cabinet and Zero Point Technology.

Titan FX is committed to building a new standard in the cryptocurrency industry. Our easy-to-use Client Cabinet provides fast registration and gives you a simple interface to deposit and start trading. Deposit and trade popular crypto pairings in minutes.

Trade Cryptocurrency Without Owning the Asset

Owning crypto-assets when volatility is high can be risky.

Using crypto CFDs allows you to focus on your trading, so you’re not left holding crypto assets or paying blockchain fees on crypto transfers.

It’s a way to maximize trading on the price and volatility of cryptocurrency.

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Titan FX Cryptocurrency Pairs

Here is everything you need to know - from market hours - to our available cryptocurrency pairs.

Crypto Market Trading Hours

Trading DayCrypto Majors, Crypto Minors and Crypto Micro
Monday00:01 - 23:59
Tuesday00:01 - 23:59
Wednesday00:01 - 23:59
Thursday00:01 - 23:59
Friday00:01 - 23:55
Saturday00:01 - 23:55
Sunday00:01 - 11:00, 13:00 - 23:55

Please take note of the market open hours, weekend trading times can be subject to change on short notice due to infrastructure maintenance and enhancements. During times of market volatility ensure your account is adequately funded, and monitor stop losses, take profits and pending orders.

Available Cryptocurrency Pairs

With the top five market cap coins to trade against popular currencies, you’re able to take positions on all of the following cryptocurrencies with Titan FX:

Asset TypeSymbolSymbol DescriptionDecimalsContract Size
Crypto Majors


Bitcoin vs Japanese Yen01
Crypto MajorsBTCUSDBitcoin vs US Dollar21
Crypto MajorsETHJPYEthereum vs Japanese Yen01
Crypto MajorsETHUSDEthereum vs US Dollar21
Crypto MajorsXRPJPYRipple vs Japanese Yen210000
Crypto MajorsXRPUSDRipple vs US Dollar410000
Crypto MajorsBCHJPYBitcoin Cash vs Japanese Yen010
Crypto MajorsBCHUSDBitcoin Cash vs US Dollar210
Crypto MajorsLTCJPYLitecoin vs Japanese Yen010
Crypto MajorsLTCUSDLitecoin vs US Dollar210
Crypto MajorsADAJPYCardano vs Japanese Yen21000
Crypto MajorsADAUSDCardano vs US Dollar41000
Crypto MajorsDOGJPYDogecoin vs Japanese Yen310000
Crypto MajorsDOGUSDDogecoin vs US Dollar510000
Crypto MajorsSOLJPYSolana vs Japanese Yen010
Crypto MajorsSOLUSDSolana vs US Dollar210
Crypto MajorsBNBJPYBinance Coin vs Japanese Yen010
Crypto MajorsBNBUSDBinance Coin vs US Dollar210
Crypto MajorsTRXJPYTron vs Japanese Yen325,000
Crypto MajorsTRXUSDTron vs US Dollar525,000
Crypto MinorsDOTJPYPolkadot vs Japanese Yen1100
Crypto MinorsDOTUSDPolkadot vs US Dollar3100
Crypto MinorsUNIJPYUniswap vs Japanese Yen1100
Crypto MinorsUNIUSDUniswap vs US Dollar3100
Crypto MinorsLNKJPYChainlink vs Japanese Yen1100
Crypto MinorsLNKUSDChainlink vs US Dollar3100
Crypto MinorsXLMJPYStellar vs Japanese Yen310000
Crypto MinorsXLMUSDStellar vs US Dollar510000
Crypto MinorsEOSJPYEOS.IO vs Japanese Yen21000
Crypto MinorsEOSUSDEOS.IO vs US Dollar41000
Crypto MinorsXTZJPYTezos vs Japanese Yen21000
Crypto MinorsXTZUSDTezos vs US Dollar41000
Crypto MinorsAVXJPYAvalanche vs Japanese Yen1100
Crypto MinorsAVXUSDAvalanche vs US Dollar3100
Crypto MinorsMATJPYMatic vs Japanese Yen21000
Crypto MinorsMATUSDMatic vs US Dollar41000
Crypto MinorsAAVJPYAAVE vs Japanese Yen110
Crypto MinorsAAVUSDAAVE vs US Dollar310
Crypto MinorsATMJPYATOM vs Japanese Yen2100
Crypto MinorsATMUSDATOM vs US Dollar4100
Crypto MinorsCMPJPYCompound vs Japanese Yen110
Crypto MinorsCMPUSDCompound vs US Dollar310
Crypto MinorsGLMJPYGlimmer vs Japanese Yen35,000
Crypto MinorsGLMUSDGlimmer vs US Dollar55,000
Crypto MinorsKSMJPYKusama vs Japanese Yen150
Crypto MinorsKSMUSDKusama vs US Dollar350
Crypto MinorsNERJPYNEAR vs Japanese Yen21,000
Crypto MinorsNERUSDNEAR vs US Dollar41,000
Crypto MinorsXDCJPYXDC Network vs Japanese Yen310,000
Crypto MinorsXDCUSDXDC Network vs US Dollar510,000
Crypto MicroBTCUSD-mBitcoin vs US Dollar (Micro)20.1

Trading Crypto with Titan FX

Titan FX has one clear goal in mind, to provide you with the best spreads in the market via our crypto CFDs, using the most advanced tools to trade crypto.

When trading cryptocurrency CFDs with Titan FX you do not need to set up a cryptocurrency wallet, as required by many exchanges. Trading crypto CFDs and not holding cryptocurrency can give you more freedom when day trading.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile. In May 2021, more than $1 Trillion was wiped off the crypto market in a matter of days. Trade with this to your advantage. Using Titan FX, you can go long or short on crypto pairs, meaning you can profit from the price of crypto going both up and down.

Higher Leverage than Crypto Exchanges

Higher leverage means you can put your funds to work on your trading positions.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges do not offer leverage, those that do offer very low leverage when trading crypto. Titan FX is an ECN broker and allows traders higher leverage than a typical crypto exchange, enabling more flexibility on trades with available funds.

Titan FX provides 100:1 leverage on your trading capital with cryptocurrencies. Crypto pairs trade through both MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). MetaTrader is available via a web browser "webtrader" (no download required) or via our mobile and desktop apps.

Trade Crypto Pairs with Expert Advisors and Indicators

MetaTrader is a tried and tested industry leader in the trading space. Using MetaTrader to trade crypto CFDs has the advantage of putting Expert Advisors (EAs) to work.

An EA or "Expert Advisor" is a piece of software that tells you when to make trades or even automatically initiates and executes trades for you. EA’s are also referred to as “trading bots”.

MetaTrader indicators and add-ons enable advanced technical analysis by displaying indicators within your charts that can help you identify market trends and opportunities.

The ability to use EAs or a “crypto trading bot” with MT4 or MT5 and backtest strategies on crypto gives you an advantage over typical crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Titan FX traders can use their mobile device, trade via our webtrader (in your web browser) or the desktop trading platform for complete flexibility when trading cryptocurrency.

Why Trade Crypto at Titan FX?

Have Questions?

  • Cryptocurrencies can be traded 7 days a week, Monday - Sunday. Please reference the market opening hours using the table above for GMT server times.’

  • No. You do not need a cryptocurrency wallet to trade any of the crypto pairings with Titan FX. You are trading on the price of the crypto rather than owning the cryptocurrency as an asset.

  • The leverage of Titan FX’s cryptocurrency CFDs is set to 100:1, much higher than that of a typical cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Clients can open a maximum volume of 20 lots for each crypto product in one account. However, there is no limit on the number of crypto positions. Please note that the position limit of 200 per account across all products still applies.

  • No commissions on all Titan FX crypto trading account (including blade accounts).

  • Yes, it will be a part of the online broker Negative Balance Protection program. However, our Trade Operations Team will be monitoring the eligibility of transactions.

  • Titan FX offers a secure online platform for online retail customers to trade crypto, stock and currency CFDs. Titan FX has strict banking and account policies in place to protect retail and institutional client funds. All client funds are held separately from the company operational funds, and we take every step to maintain the security and confidentiality of your funds and personal information.