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Precious metal trading offers numerous benefits. Because they retain value, they’re great for long-term investments.

They can’t be devalued by printing money, and their price is determined by global supply and demand rather than events in single economies. These are some of the reasons why many traders consider them a safe haven.

Precious Metals

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium all have intrinsic value due to their use in medical, electronics, jewellery and other applications. This intrinsic value attracts many investors to precious metals in both spot and futures markets.

Thanks to Titan FX, you can now trade precious metals with market-leading conditions:

  • Up to 1000:1 leverage
  • Micro lots starting with 0.01
  • Razor-thin spreads
  • No contract expiry
  • Access to gold (XAU), silver (XAG), platinum (XPT) and palladium (XPD)
  • Available directly on MT4 and MT5 platforms
  • No need to physically store metals

Metals Trading Hours

MetalsSymbolsMarket Hours (GMT+3)Market Hours (GMT+2)
All GoldsAll XAU pairs01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
All SilversAll XAG pairs01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
PlatinumXPT/USD01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
PalladiumXPD/USD01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)
01:00 - 23:59
(Friday Close 23:55)

Metals Spreads

Gold vs Euro
2.39 pips2.27 pips-
Gold vs US Dollar
2.23 pips2.11 pips2.71 pips
Gold vs AU Dollar
2.72 pips2.6 pips-
Gold vs Swiss Franc
3.30 pips3.18 pips-
Gold vs Great Britain Pound
2.75 pips2.63 pips-
Gold vs Japanese Yen
3.02 pips2.90 pips-
Silver vs Euro
2.73 pips2.61 pips-
Silver vs US Dollar
2.13 pips2.01 pips2.61 pips
Silver vs Australian Dollar
1.74 pips1.62 pips-
Palladium vs US Dollar
275.12 pips275 pips-
Platinum vs US Dollar
51.62 pips51.5 pips-

*Approximately 30 minutes before market closure on Friday, margin rates will be set to 1% for all new positions in Metals, Oil and Index products (non-FX). This restriction will remain in place until 15 minutes after markets resume on Monday.

Normal margin conditions will apply to positions opened outside of the weekend market break period.

Have Questions?

  • Titan FX offers XAU with USD, JPY, AUD, EUR, GBP and CHF.

  • The margin formula for XAU = Price x Contract Size x Lot / Leverage

  • Every Wednesday reflects a 3-day swap including the weekends for Energy products.

  • For Standard and Blade accounts, the leverage of precious metal products is set to a maximum of 500:1. For Micro accounts, the leverage of precious metal products is set to a maximum of 1000:1.

  • No, Titan FX metal products don’t have expiry dates. You can hold your positions as long as you wish.

  • For Standard and Blade accounts, you can trade from 0.01 lots /1 unit. For Micro accounts, you can trade from 0.01 micro lots / 0.1 units.

  • Yes, you can have cross order positions as long as these are held in the same account.