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Soft commodities are amongst the oldest traded products in the world, and they continue to trade on several listed exchanges.

Titan FX offers you the opportunity to trade commodities listed on several exchanges, in one place.

Precious Metals

Commodity prices tend to possess higher volatility than other CFDs, since production of these can be impacted by several factors such as weather uncertainty, global demand, supply chain efficiencies, and geopolitical upheaval. They offer a great opportunity to diversify investment portfolios, as these products are less correlated with traditional financial instruments.

These products are necessary for daily sustenance, and their availability, or lack thereof, offer a great avenue for speculation about their future. The rise of emerging markets contributes to an increased demand for soft commodities.

Take advantage of these commodities volatilities with a 50:1 leverage. Trade soft commodities in the most liquid and simple way with Titan FX!

Why trade with Titan FX?

  • 50:1 leverage
  • Available on both MT4 and MT5
  • Available on Standard and Blade accounts
  • Minimum trade size starting with 0.1 lots
  • Razor-thin spreads
  • Non expiring CFDs
  • No requirements to hold the underlying commodity asset

Available Soft Commodity Pairs

You’re able to take positions on all the following 10 products with Titan FX:

Asset TypeSymbolsSymbol DescriptionPrice PrecisionContract Size
Soft CommodityCocoaCocoa vs US Dollar220
Soft CommodityCoffArabicaCoffee Arabica vs US Dollar2100
Soft CommodityCoffRobustaCoffee Robusta vs US Dollar220
Soft CommodityCopperCopper vs US Dollar410000
Soft CommodityCornCorn vs US Dollar2100
Soft CommodityCottonCotton vs US Dollar3500
Soft CommodityHeatingOilUS Heating Oil vs US Dollar410000
Soft CommoditySoybeanSoybean vs US Dollar250
Soft CommoditySugarSugar vs US Dollar31000
Soft CommodityWheatWheat vs US Dollar250

Trading Hours

SymbolMarket Hours (GMT+3)Market Hours (GMT+2)
Cocoa11:45 - 20:3011:45 - 20:30
CoffArabica11:15 - 20:3011:15 - 20:30
CoffRobusta11:00 - 19:3011:00 - 19:30
Copper01:00 - 23:59
(Friday closes at 23:55)
01:00 - 23:59
(Friday closes at 23:55)
Corn03:00 - 15:45, 16:30 - 21:2003:00 - 15:45, 16:30 - 21:20
Cotton04:00 - 21:2004:00 - 21:20
HeatingOil01:00 - 23:59
(Friday closes at 23:55)
01:00 - 23:59
(Friday closes at 23:55)
Soybean03:00 - 15:45, 16:30 - 21:2003:00 - 15:45, 16:30 - 21:20
Sugar10:30 - 20:0010:30 - 20:00
Wheat03:00 - 15:45, 16:30 - 21:2003:00 - 15:45, 16:30 - 21:20

Have Questions?

  • Margin formula for soft commodities = Lots * Contract Size * Market Price * Margin Percentage / 100. All soft commodities have a 1:50 maximum leverage, or 2% Margin Percentage.

  • Swaps are the only cost incurred to hold Soft Commodity products. Adjustments related to future settlements such as price adjustments and lease fees will not occur separately.

  • Every Friday reflects a 3-day swap including the weekends for soft commodity products.

  • The leverage of Titan FX’s soft commodity products is set to a maximum of 50:1. This is a set ratio and will be applied to any trade regardless of the leverage of a trading account.

  • No, Titan FX soft commodity products don’t have expiry dates. You can hold your positions as long as you wish.

  • All soft commodities have a minimum trade size of 0.1 lots. The maximum trade size is 20 lots for these products. A maximum of 200 positions can be opened at the same time.

  • Yes, you can have cross order positions as long as these are held in the same account.

  • Yes, it will be a part of the online broker Negative Balance Protection program. However, our Trade Operations Team will be monitoring the eligibility of transactions.