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Guest Authors

What Is Mobile Trading?

As the name suggests, mobile trading is using smartphones for your trading sessions. This means that even when you’re away from your laptop or computer, you can still access everything. You should be able toaccess your accounts, to start orders, or do anything you want.

Smartphones and tablets have always allowed users to check stock market performances. Yet, the apps open the gate to online trading platforms - now you can execute trades anywhere, anytime.

With the help of mobile trading, anyone can become a trader or an investor—from anywhere in the world. Provided, of course, that you have an Internet connection. Based on user experience, mobile trading is one of the most convenient and cheap ways for people to trade.

What Trading Platforms Are There?

There are web-based and software-based trading platforms to chose from. Their names are quite suggestive. The main difference between them is whether you need to download extra software. With the first one, you only need an Internet connection and your browser for trading. For the other, you will also need to download some more software, to be able to use everything you need. There is one main difference between these two. Usually, dedicated apps have more in-depth analysis capacities, as compared to web-based platforms. Also, the information might be better structured and easier to read.

Why Use a Mobile Web Trader?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a mobile web trader for your trading sessions, but let us give you a few:

1. Direct Acces to Market

Log in and trade—anywhere, anytime. You are no longer bound to your desk or office and, although we don’t recommend it, you never have to stop. You can continue your trading sessions even when you’re on vacation, relaxing next to the pool.

2. Real-Time Analysis

It’s important to be able to get real-time insight into price movements or any changes that happen when you’re away. You can see charts, graphs—constantly being updated. Also, you can stream data from the market, avoiding delayed or out-of-date prices. It’s easy to make a brief idea about your assets or portfolio. Apps give access to live market data and have plenty of facilities, like stock indices, shares, currencies, and much more. Plus, you might also be able to track related live news directly from the app.

3. Easy Access

Log in and trade—anywhere, anytime. You are no longer bound to your desk or office and, although we don’t recommend it, you never have to stop. You can continue your trading sessions even when you’re on vacation, relaxing next to the pool.

4. One Account, Many Devices

This one is pretty straightforward. You can access your account from any mobile device, either your smartphone or tablet. And you can switch to the one you’re most comfortable with.

5. Notifications

Keep being updated about the latest developments. Or get recommendations without having to check the app or browser. The notifications are independent of the alerts you get from the exchanges, brokerages, or custodians.

6. Android Access with MT4 and MT5

With the Titan FX MT4 and MT5 apps, you control everything and have access to many technical indicators from your Android device. You get your information styled in a way that fits your device’s resolution, while it remains interactive and adjustable. The friendly user interface makes the app really easy to use and it also comes with an offline mode. The app is also optimized to use as little traffic as possible.

What to have in mind

As with anything, using a mobile web trader can come with some shortcomings. They aren’t many, but they should be taken into consideration:

Smaller Screen Size

This one is a no-brainer. Of course, a smartphone will have a smaller display than your personal computer. But, the date is arranged in an optimized way to make the most of your screen. And if you really need a bigger display, you can always use your tablet.

Possible Slower Speed

If you don’t have a high-end smartphone, it’s possible that the overall speed will be reduced. However, if your phone is in good shape and has some memory available, most apps aren’t big consumers of resources.

Mobile Connectivity

Or lack, thereof, could be a problem. If you’re out of signal or with no wi-fi in range, you won’t be able to use most of the app’s features. This problem is usually encountered when you add mobility in any equation, but it can also be easily solved.

Should You Use a Mobile Web Trader?

This will be a resounding yes. Having information a few taps and scrolls away is incredibly advantageous. Being able to get notifications instantly about any changes is a plus. Also, being able to use MT4 and MT5 with Android is an actual benefit. The Android platform is full of possibilities and features. If you want to know more about Android, you can check it out in joyofandroid.com - and find out how it can help you in your trading sessions.