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What you can do to prevent eye fatigue for an energized trading session

Maintaining excellent eyesight is vital to perform all trading activities accurately and efficiently. When trading in an active forex market, be sure to practice different ways to prevent eye fatigue.

To stay alert and energized, traders have to ensure minimal distractions. Since most forex trading activities conducted online with digital devices, a trader’s exposure to blue light is constant. With the use of trading platforms, computer systems, or smartphones, it is inevitable to feel some discomfort that can disrupt your workflow. Because of this, it is essential to maintain excellent eye health to prevent chronic eye strain and encourage optimal productivity.

How to tell if you are starting to have eye fatigue

One of the most common concerns for forex traders is digital eye strain. With most of the work done online, exposure to digital devices is normal and constant when trading. Here are some of the common symptoms of eye fatigue:

  • Pain in the eyes
  • Aches in the back, shoulder, or neck
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling heavy in the eyes
  • Headaches
  • Eye twitching, burning, or dryness
  • Inability to concentrate

Going through eye fatigue can be a disruption especially during live trading. To stay fully focused, you need to keep your eyes healthy. Aside from pain relief, doing this also helps traders make decisions and better concentrate on the task at hand.

Different things you can do to avoid eye fatigue when trading

It can be uncomfortable to go through eye fatigue. With all the hours spent online for analysis and trading, it is essential to monitor how your eyes are feeling and apply the different ways to avoid any eye strain.

To achieve optimal focus and excellent trading performance, traders should strengthen overall eye health. Whether for daily trading or long term eye care, get to know the different ways you can prevent eye fatigue and enhance trading alertness for an energized trading session:

Maintain excellent eye health

To ensure optimal focus and a more lively trading session, traders should make efforts to achieve good eye health. When facing digital devices daily, you need to protect your vision. Learn about the top areas where you can help boost your overall eye care.

Quick recommendations for achieving excellent eye health:


Your food choices can impact your overall eye health. Good nutrition can nourish the body while also help support better eyesight. Here the best natural sources of vitamins and minerals to nourish your eyes:

  • Fish with omega-3 fatty acids like salmon
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts for Vitamin D
  • Carrots for Beta Carotene and Vitamin A
  • Foods with Vitamin C like oranges or berries


Sleep plays an important part in maintaining great eye health. It allows your body and mind to rest and re-energize after a day of being on your desk. By getting enough sleep, you can allow your eyes to feel restored and ready for the next day of trading.

Having quality sleep can also prevent distracting issues like eye twitching or dry eyes. Ideally, 5 hours of sleep is needed to allow your eyes to rest.

Extra help

If you are constantly feeling pain or irritation, it is always best to visit your doctor. According to National Eye Institute, you can care for your vision by having a comprehensive dilated eye exam to check if there are any problems. This is one of the best ways to prevent and maintain excellent eye health.

Rest your eyes through a digital detox

It is crucial to create habits that help alleviate or prevent digital eye strain. Through digital detox, you can deliberately take time from going online and give your eyes rest from the screen. - Take a break by giving yourself a digital detox

Going through a digital detox can be a great experience to give both body and mind a break. It can reduce stress while alleviating the body of any aches or tension caused by digital devices.

Resting is one of the ways to protect your eyes from chronic discomfort. Your eyesight can greatly influence your level of concentration and can affect your comfort while trading. If you would like to take a long break from your computer screen, you can easily do so by planning time for relaxation without your devices.

First, make sure your live trades are taken care of to help avoid any worry while you are away. If you do need to check on your trades, set an alarm and schedule it for checking.

When you are in the middle of your day of trading, you can also give your eyes a quick break by stepping away from your computer. Instead of reaching for your smartphone, you can go for a walk around your house or outside. You can also go to your kitchen and fix yourself a healthy drink to keep energized.

Use natural remedies for relief or maintenance

Take a break or end your day with the use of natural remedies for eye relief. After a day of exposure to different digital screens, give your eyes some relief through easy and natural remedies at home.

  1. Lie down and place a warm cloth over your eyes to achieve muscle relaxation.
  2. Carefully use a jade roller or a cold spoon around the eyes to feel refreshed.
  3. Slice up some cool cucumber or potato and place the slices on your eyelids to minimize puffiness.
  4. Use some aloe vera gel for tired eyes.
  5. Do some light tapping around your eyes to help circulate the fluids around the eye area.
  6. Take advantage of eye masks from the store or DIY masks.
  7. Dab some rose water around the eyes to help them feel rejuvenated.
  8. Make use of tea bags with chamomile or green tea to promote blood circulation. Make sure tea bags are at room temperature.

Give your eyes this time to rejuvenate and fully rest. After a long day of work, using these remedies will not only provide eye relief but also help you wind down from the day.

Be mindful of your exposure to blue light

Constant exposure to blue light can be taxing on the eyes. To reduce eye strain, traders need to be mindful of how much exposure they are getting from all their devices. When you are exposed to too many hours in front of a screen, it is common to feel fatigued. Especially at night time, your body clock can also be affected by too much blue light.

Excessive exposure to blue light can lead to different concerns that could affect your productivity and even your eye health. Overexposure to blue light can be harmful to your vision and can cause issues like too much tiredness, blurred vision, or dry eyes.

Optimize the quality of air in your trading space

Aside from managing the light coming from your devices or your trading space, it is also important to monitor the quality of air. The quality of air in your environment can also impact your eye health. Any kind of pollution or dust in the air can cause dry eyes or irritations that can be very distracting when trading. It can also lead to itchiness, soreness, and even long-term harm.

To boost your trading space and monitor the quality of air, smart thermostats and air quality sensors are great Gadgets that boost efficiency when trading from home. When you spend long hours trading in your home office, you have to make sure all conditions are optimal. By knowing what is in your air, you can find solutions or preventive measures to make sure you set the best environment for trading.

Do some eye relaxation exercises

With plenty of work done online, it is normal for traders to feel fatigued in the body. Because of this, ensuring proper care can keep any chronic eye fatigue at bay. A great way to help is through eye relief exercises. Much like having back exercises or stretches on your desk, your eyes can also benefit from doing some eye relaxation techniques.

For optimal vision during daily trading sessions, a general rule of thumb is to apply the 20 20 20 rule. Medical News Today shares that for every 20 minutes spent facing a screen, you should look at something else that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. You can either set alarms or use apps to help remind you. Doing this will not only give your eyes a break but also your body.

Here are some other eye relaxation techniques you can try:

  1. Try the Palming Method. Close your eyes and gently place your palms over them for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Exercise your vision by focusing on objects at different distances.
  3. Especially for dryness, slowly lubricate your eyes by blinking 20 times.


Stay alert and energized throughout a day of trading with great vision

The goal for maintaining optimal eye health is to be able to avoid chronic eye issues. To accomplish a productive trading session, it is key to stay energized and focused. One of the most important ways you can achieve optimal productivity is by minimizing eye fatigue.

Having a great vision is a vital part of being able to analyze charts properly, examine global news and execute or calculate your trades. If you achieve great eyesight and have a healthy vision, you are more able to reach high levels of productivity with comfort and total concentration.

Traders use technology, digital devices, and online platforms often. Even in daily life with smartphones and television, all this exposure adds up and could affect overall vision. By making efforts to maintain great eye care, you can avoid eye fatigue and have more efficiency when trading.