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Trade Stock CFDs and win Meta Quest 3 VR Headsets!

Celebrate with us as Titan FX introduces 46 Japanese stock CFDs to our already extensive collection of over 100 US stocks.
To mark this special occasion, we're giving away 5 Meta Quest 3 VR headsets!

5 lucky winners will be selected by lottery at the end of the campaign. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Why trade stock CFDs with Titan FX?

Top trading environment

Fast and reliable deposits and withdrawals

Internationally recognized best customer support

20:1 leverage, low spreads

100 US stock CFDs available

including Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla

46 newly available Tokyo Stock Exchange stock CFDs

including Japan Airlines, Rakuten, East Japan Railways, and Toyota Motor

Win the latest Meta Quest 3 VR Glasses

Get set for an enhanced virtual reality journey where you can explore, play, stream, discover, and immerse yourself in a wide range of experiences, from gaming, sport and education to social interaction and creativity.

The Meta Quest 3 VR Glasses is the latest and most advanced VR headset to date. It features a lightning-fast XR2 Gen 2 Snapdragon processor, high-resolution pancake lenses, and innovative haptic feedback controls. Plus, compared to previous headsets, it's 40% slimmer for maximum comfort during your virtual adventures. Step into the future of immersive technology with the Quest 3 and enter to win your state-of-the-art VR glasses today.

The promotion runs from November 6th to 17th, 2023.

Register to win!

How to participate

Register in the Client Cabinet

Deposit and trade

Receive automatic entry into the lottery

Check the website for winners

Campaign Details

How to Participate
  • Register for the promotion in your client cabinet
  • Deposit 170 USD and trade at least 1 lot in stock CFDs

You can track your progress in the Client Cabinet

Prizes5 fortunate winners will win Meta Quest 3 VR Headests or $400.
Every participant stands an equal chance to win!
Eligible accounts

MT5 SD and BD accounts

Eligible instruments for
the promotion

Stock CFDs (Single Stocks)

*For Japanese stocks 1 lot equals 100 units (contract size), US stocks’ 1 lot equals 1 unit (contract size). The minimum trading unit for both is 0.1 lots.

Promotion Period

November 6th - 17th, 2023
5 winners will be announced by November 23rd

Japanese Stocks

Japan is a highly developed nation with a strong industrial base, advanced infrastructure, and a well-educated workforce.

It continues to be a major player in the global economy and has long-term growth potential. The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is one of the largest and most liquid stock exchanges in the world.

Japan's stock market offers a diverse selection of stocks across various sectors, making it easy for investors to build diversified portfolios. The country's stable economic environment, low political and economic uncertainties, and technological innovation further enhance its investment appeal.

Important Information

Please review the full Terms and Conditions on our website for complete information on eligibility, prize details, and any additional requirements. The Japanese Stocks Launch is subject to these terms, ensuring transparency and fairness throughout the promotion.

Please note that withdrawing any part or all of your deposit during the promotion period can make you ineligible for the lottery.

Titan FX Japanese Stocks Launch promotion FAQ

    1. Register for the promotion: Log in to the Client Cabinet, click on 'Promotion' in the menu, and then click on 'Register.' On the popup, select the trading account for cashback from the dropdown and click 'Register.' Once the registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.
    2. Net deposit at least 170 USD to your account (don’t forget to register first).
  • Yes, you can join the promotion at any time during the promotion period.

  • It is the account you select while registering for the promotion. This account determines which currency your net deposits and prizes will be converted to.

  • 5 winners will win Meta Quest 3 VR Glasses

  • No. You cannot change it.

  • No. You can make deposits and trade in any accounts you have. It will be summed up. Single stock CFDs are available in MT5 Standard and Blade accounts.

  • The amounts for each currency are as follows. In the case of deposits in multiple currencies, they will be converted to the currency of the main promotion account.

  • You can check your progress in the Client Cabinet.

  • You are eligible to win one prize.

  • Yes. However, please note that withdrawing part or all of your deposit during the promotion period might make you ineligible for the lottery.

  • No, only US and Japanese single stock CFDs are eligible for the campaign.

  • Yes, you can trade both Japanese and US stock CFDs in any MT5 account.

  • Yes, trades of different symbols will be combined. For example, trading 0.7 lots of Toyota Motor (TSE) and 0.3 lots of Ford Motor (NYSE) will be counted as a total of 1 lot.

  • If you are using a PC, you can right-click on the MT5 Market Watch and select 'Show All' to display them. On mobile, click the '+' in the upper right corner of the MT5 Market Watch, select categories in the Symbol Add window, click the '+' next to the desired symbol, and press 'Done'.

  • You can find the list of stock CFDs and trading conditions on this page or through your MT5 account.

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