Get the Tightest Spreads with Titan Zero Blade ECN

Only Titan FX offers you the Zero Blade ECN Account, with our tightest available spreads, fastest achievable connectivity and millisecond execution speed. The Titan FX Zero Blade ECN Account is a raw spread account with low commission. The Zero Point fast fibre optic ECN connects to unmatched Dark Pool liquidity and over 50 banks, allowing Titan FX to keep spreads tighter and make order execution faster. Our market monitor algorithm works to ensure that we offer the best possible conditions for day traders, scalpers and EA traders.

Titan FX Zero Blade ECN Account

Tightest Spreads

Get the tightest available spreads with Titan Zero Blade ECN. Spreads as low as zero pips are possible on the ECN platform due to Zero Point Dynamic Liquidity Aggregation (ZP-DLA). Our AI algorithms work at electron speed to ensure the best possible pricing and spreads.

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Lowest Commissions

With Titan Zero Blade ECN account, you get our tightest spreads with low transaction cost – just USD $3.5 per lot.

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Trading Account
Base Currency
Commission per
0.01 lots
(1000 units)
Commission per
0.1 lots
(10,000 units)
Commission per
1 lot
(100,000 units)
USDUSD 0.035
(USD 0.07 round turn)
USD 0.35
(USD 0.7 round turn)
USD 3.50
(USD 7 round turn)
(AUD 0.08 round turn)
AUD 0.4
(AUD 0.8 round turn)
(AUD 8 round turn)
EUREUR 0.033
(EUR 0.066 round turn)
EUR 0.33
(EUR 0.66 round turn)
EUR 3.3
(EUR 6.6 round turn)
(JPY 7.2 round turn)
JPY 36
(JPY 72 round turn)
JPY 360
(JPY 720 round turn)
(SGD 0.1 round turn)
SGD 0.5
(SGD 1.0 round turn)
SGD 5.0
(SGD 10.0 round turn)
Blade commissions for accounts in other base currencies are calculated to be approximately equivalent to the USD commission and reviewed on a monthly basis.

Titan FX Electronic Crossing Network

Titan provides all clients with access to our latest servers in the Equinix NY4 financial hub, just 1/10ms (0.1 milliseconds) from Wall Street. Having multiple servers in New York allows our ECN network to dynamically balance orders and never become overloaded.

The Titan FX ECN also incorporates multiple datacenters in North America (New York, USA – NY datacenters) and Asia (Tokyo, Japan – TY datacenters) to give the fastest connection with minimum latency no matter where in the world you are located. Fast order execution is essential for high volume traders and scalpers, and the Titan Zero Blade ECN delivers. State of the art Zero Point architecture reduces the node-to-node distance between order placing and acceptance, resulting in millisecond trades.

Trading Environment

Professional traders choose Titan to trade their way. Our technology allows you to trade without restriction. Trade in lot sizes from one micro lot (0.01 lots), and use the world’s favourite forex trading platform Metatrader 4 on PC, mobile or even in your web browser. Hedge your positions freely (no FIFO). Choose your leverage up to 500:1, and choose from 70 currency pairs.

Flexible Funding

Choose from any of our wide range of supported base account currencies. Deposit quickly and easily with a wide range of money transfer methods, including credit card, bank wire and most online payment processors. Titan FX makes no charge for account funding.

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